So why RockCandy Unlimited?

RockCandy Unlimited Accessories and Jewelry Company is a menswear line is created with admiration of the sensuality of the pure masculine form. As a fine art student at the prestigious Pratt Institute, I always studied the male form in great detail. The male figure comes in so many various shapes and forms that she felt inspired to create pieces that are designed to adorn the male body and celebrate it’s natural sinewy strength. RockCandy Unlimited cherishes 5 different style “personalities” for men. The collections are named after a signature “spirit” that imbues the soul of that style being. The bold taste of Cognac, speaks to the free spirited man whose style and confidence demands notice. The Whiskey Collection is for the classic gentlemen. Vodka, is for the rugged play boy with a little bit of an edge. The warm notes of Rum denote the presence of man whose style carries an indomitable spirit. Last but not least Gin speaks to the style of man whose clothing seems to carry it’s own tribal beat. I believe that there is a special combination of all of these style personalities inside of every man. Every man has their own special recipe that makes their presence undeniable. I hope to adorn them all.

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