Im a beginner. Which item is for me?
Finding an item perfect for your tolerance is easy. Each item is ranked from Light, Medium, to Heavy. Of course, your body chemistry may be different and you may have a different reaction. The guide is a general tool to lead you to a great choice.

How can I expect to feel?
Euphoria looks different for each person. Some people feel very happy and creative. Others may feel sleepy and completely relaxed. While others may feel focused and calm.
Light: You can expect a slightly relaxed and mellow warm feeling. This is perfect for the days that you may need to take the edge off. Great for beginners. Great for pain
Medium: You can expect a feeling a heavier body high. This is great for sleeping and when you want to destress. Perfect for when you want to feel euphoric and light hearted. Great for pain.
Heavy: Maxium body and head high. You can expect to feel giddy and extremely relaxed. Extremely strong. Do not drive or operate machinery. Long lasting high.

Which item will take me there fastest?
Items that are liquid based, ie drinks, Green Dragon enter your bloodstream at a quicker rate. You can expect to begin feeling the effects within approx. 30-45min. Non-liquid that are eaten take anywhere from 30min to 2 hours to kick in.

Will I feel the head high effects from a topical?
Topicals do not have a head high effect. The most you can expect to feel is relaxed.

I tried an item and it did not effect me. What am I doing wrong?
There are multiple reasons why an item did not effect you.
Time. You may not feel the effects right away. You may need to give it more time. Since food items are processed through the stomach, it may take longer to activate. If you had a meal right before, it may take a little while before your stomach gets to the good stuff.
Dose. You may need to consume more of the item, in order to feel the effects.
Tolerance. Your tolerance may be higher than expected. You can try moving on other items.
Over indulgence. Sometimes, the body can get too used to the amount of product. Many people have found success with taking a break. This allows the body to re-acclimate itself.

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