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In 2019, I was diagnosed with stage IV Breast Cancer. Having previously battled 2 years prior, I knew that this time around, the battle for my life would be epic. Chemo can be extremely hard on the body and my loss of appetite greatly effected me. I needed to find a way of helping myself that did not require heavy medications. Then I was introduced to the world of the "flower".

Edibles were essential in helping me to regain my appetite, sleep and deal with pain. It was truly a miracle!

However, I desired to transform this miracle in ways that were uncommon. Having traveled the world and explored so many different flavors, textures, possibilities were endless!

So now, I bring my love of food, spice, innovative gastronomy, all enhanced with this little flower, that has changed my life.

At RockCandy Unlimited, we aspire to bring new and thrilling ideas to the table. From spices to sauces, syrups to drinks, to baked goods to condiments, let us take you on an experience, like no other! We hope you enjoy all we have to offer, and share the experience with others.